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The coronavirus pandemic now totals more than 53,000 deaths after over a million infections

The United States sets a record again with more than 30,000 positives and 1,100 deaths in a single day

The coronavirus pandemic, which is already affecting 181 countries, continues to add cases and, after exceeding the million contagion threshold on Thursday, accumulates more than 53,000 deaths worldwide, with the United States chaining records for both sick and deceased people practically daily.

The growth rate of the new coronavirus pandemic has accelerated sharply in recent weeks and now totals more than 100,000 cases per day, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. To reach the first 100,000 positives, however, it took 67 days.

The United States again reached record levels on Thursday since the first cases were detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan, totaling some 30,100 positives and at least 1,169 deaths in just one day, according to official data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

The North American country already accumulates more cases than Italy and Spain combined and has crossed the threshold of 6,000 deaths, of which more than 2,000 correspond to the state of New York, 1,500 of them in the city of the same name. Almost a quarter of coronavirus infections worldwide have been detected in the United States.

However, Italy continues to lead the list in terms of the number of deaths and is now close to 14,000, while the number of cases is around 115,000. Spain is immediately behind in terms of cases – about 112,000 – and already accumulates more than 10,300 fatalities due to COVID-19.

Germany beat China on Thursday in number of infections after raising the provisional balance to almost 84,500. Of them, about 1,100 have lost their lives, according to official data.

China, with hardly any local cases, is the fifth country most affected by the number of cases (about 82,400), but the time elapsed since the peak of the outbreak in the Asian giant allows it to position itself as the place where the most people have been cured (more of 76,700). More than 3,300 patients have lost their lives in Chinese territory.

France ranks as the sixth country in number of cases, with almost 60,000, and already accumulates about 5,400 deaths, while Iran, the next country on the list, has registered more than 50,000 cases and 3,160 deaths. The United Kingdom, where the virus has reached maximum levels this week, accumulates more than 34,000 positives and more than 2,900 deaths.

Switzerland is in ninth position, with some 18,800 infected and 536 deaths, while Turkey accumulates more than 18,100 cases, including at least 356 fatalities. Belgium and the Netherlands have so far confirmed 15,300 and 14,700 infections, although in the Dutch case the death toll is higher (1,341 compared to 1,011).

Canada and Austria have exceeded 11,000 cases, with 139 deaths in the Canadian case and 158 in the Austrian. South Korea, which for weeks was the second most severely affected by the coronavirus after China, falls to 15th place: some 10,000 positives and 174 fatalities.

For its part, Portugal has crossed the threshold of 9,000 patients and 200 deceased, while in Brazil the advance of the coronavirus is consolidated and now has more than 8,000 positives and 327 victims. Israel is close to 7,000 cases and Sweden, Norway and Australia are above 5,000.

The Czech Republic, Ireland, Denmark, Russia, Chile, Ecuador and Malaysia have registered more than 3,000 positives, a barrier that borders on Poland. Romania, the Philippines, Japan, India, Luxembourg and Pakistan have exceeded 2,000, while pr over a thousand include Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Finland, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Iceland, Argentina, Serbia , Colombia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Croatia.

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