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Christmas comes to Google with new activities and games in the Village of Santa Claus

With the entry of December and Christmas being closer and closer, Google has joined the Christmas spirit and updated the browser with different functions and activities related to these dates, led by a website that reproduces the village of Santa Claus with activities and games.

During the next three weeks Google users can enjoy various functions and activities related to Christmas. As of Wednesday, the Google Assistant may be asked to inform them of all the news related to the North Pole, as Google has informed in a statement.

The center of all these Christmas activities is in the Village of Santa Claus. Google has created a web page where you can find more than 24 activities and learning games related to Christmas. Players can try games like ‘Reindeer on the run’ or ‘High-flying elves’ as well as activities like ‘Create an elf’ or ‘Christmas paintings’.

The Google Earth has also been updated where a questionnaire can now be made to discover the various Christmas traditions and the typical sweets that people take in different parts of the world during these holidays.

Finally Google has added ‘gifs’ and Christmas images in the search for images under the name of Santa Tracker gifs. The company has announced that there are still more games and updates to come.

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