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Russia accuses the US of restricting the entry of its officials by not issuing visas

The Russian Embassy in Washington denounces that this will further deteriorate relations between the two countries.

The Russian Embassy in Washington has accused the United States of restricting Russian officials from entering the country by not issuing a visa to another group of representatives of the Eurasian country, while warning that this deteriorates relations between the two countries

“The United States authorities restrict the entry of our official representatives over and over again, frustrating important conversation formats,” the Embassy denounced in a statement published late Tuesday.

According to the legation, the most recent case is that of a Russian Federal Treasury delegation that planned to arrive in Washington on December 3 to participate in an international conference, but did not receive visas for it.

“The Department of State also prevented the visit to a youth forum held in New York on November 28 and 29 of the director of the Department of Care for Compatriots Abroad of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Malguinov,” he adds the note, collected by the Sputnik agency.

The Embassy has also referred to the case of 18 representatives of Russia, some of them members of the delegation of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who were unable to attend the sessions of the UN General Assembly because they were not issued a visa American.

According to Russian diplomats, the claims about the lack of consular employees in Moscow with which the United States tries to justify the visa processing delay do not correspond to reality.

“We note that we currently have no visa application from the United States for its consular employees,” the statement said.

Thus, the Russian Embassy has expressed its concern at the “reluctance of the State Department in ensuring the normal functioning of its own consular offices under invented pretexts.”

The result of this, he added, is that communication between citizens of both countries is affected and “the dialogue of experts on which security around the world depends largely is interrupted.”

These Washington actions cause further deterioration of bilateral relations, already difficult, and contradict the statements of representatives of the US Government that speak of the need to normalize them, the Russian Embassy has stressed, which has trusted that States United “give up this vicious practice.”

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