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The Pope regrets the rise of populism and the closing of borders: “Herod comes to mind”

The Pope has pointed out that he is “scandalized” by certain narratives about the borders he hears in Europe while lamenting the rise of populism and the violence and persecution suffered by the millions of refugees around the world, during his encounter with the Jesuits from Thailand and Japan, which has published the magazine of the Jesuits in Rome ‘La Civiltá Cattolica’.

“Certain narratives about the borders that I hear in Europe scandalize me. Populism is gaining strength. On the other hand, there are walls that separate even the children of their parents. Herod comes to mind,” the pontiff lamented.

The Pope has also emphasized that the migratory phenomenon “is very accentuated by war, by hunger” and by what he has called “a ‘philosophy of defense'” that “leads us to believe that only with fear and reinforcing borders can be defended. ” Against this, he has proposed that the Church be the “image” of the “field hospital”. “It is these hospitals that we have to frequent the most,” he announced.

In front of the Jesuits of Thailand and Japan, he has considered that, although there have always been refugees in the world, today “the phenomenon is best known due to social differences, hunger, social tensions and, above all, the war”.

“For this reason, migratory movements intensify. What is the response the world gives? The policy of discarding,” denounced Francisco, who has also stated that “refugees are discard material.”

On this subject, he has claimed the role of Pedro Arrupe, Superior of the Society of Jesus: “For me, Fr. Arrupe was a prophet: his ‘swan song’ was the foundation precisely here, in Bangkok, of the Jesuit Service to Refugees. Then, during the flight from Thailand to Rome, he suffered a stroke, “he recalled.

“The Mediterranean has been transformed into a cemetery. The impressive cruelty of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart. Here in Asia, we all know the problem of the Rohingya,” said the Pontiff.

Asked about caring for the environment, Francisco has denounced that the “many expectations” that arose after the COP21 in Paris in 2015 were frustrated. “Conflicts began, the compromises between what was raised in Paris and the ‘pocket’ of some countries. And so, some were withdrawing. But today people are much more aware than before regarding the care of the common house and the importance that this has, “said the Pontiff.

In this sense, he has supported movements such as Fridays due to the weather organized by young people. “Many movements have emerged, especially those encouraged by young people. This is the way to go. Today it is young people who understand with the heart that the survival of the planet is a fundamental issue,” he said.

Francisco has wished that his encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ be shared worldwide: “The encyclical is written to be widely shared. What he claims today is already assumed by many. And without paying copyright! This is very good. It is a message that belongs to everyone. “

On the other hand, he has also claimed the accompaniment and discernment for the divorced and remarried against the “casuistry, which is not Christian, although it may be ecclesiastical.”

Before the questions of the Jesuits on this subject he has valued: “I could answer you in two ways: in a casuistic way, which is not Christian, although it may be ecclesiastical; or, as the Magisterium of the Church in Amoris laetitia says, in the chapter eight: making a path of accompaniment and discernment to find the solutions. And this has nothing to do with the moral of the situation, but with the great moral tradition of the Church. “

He has finally urged an end to sex tourism. That is why he has asked the Jesuits to do “everything possible” to raise the social level of the people. “Work for the good of your country and for the dignity of the people!” He urged them.

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