The White House supports a possible ‘impeachment’ against Trump in the Senate

The White House on Thursday expressed its support for a possible ‘impeachment’ in the Senate after considering that this is “the only House” where the president of the United States, Donald Trump, would get justice “in case the political trial against the leader get ahead in the House of Representatives.

This has been announced by the Administration after a private meeting between six Republican senators and various senior White House officials, who have addressed the possibility of a final political trial against Trump, as pointed out ‘The Washington Post’.

If carried out, the White House has emphasized that a “quick” trial of “no more than two weeks” would be carried out so as not to “generate damage” to the president.

Likewise, senior officials have explained that, in this way, Trump would be subjected to a “fair process” and have indicated that they expect Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to be among the witnesses, according to Reuters.

“President Trump wants a trial in the Senate because it is clearly the only House in which he can expect justice to be done and receive a fair process under the Constitution,” spokesman Hogan Gidley said in a statement.

“We hope to finally listen to the witnesses who actually witnessed and possibly participated in corruption, such as Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the so-called ‘informant’, to name a few,” Gidley added, in relation to an anonymous character who presented a complaint about a telephone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski.

With these statements, the White House has wanted to show a commitment to due process, especially because Republicans have criticized House Democrats for how they have carried out the procedures on the ‘impeachment,’ as the local newspaper said. Politician’.

The White House senior official has added that President Trump has held numerous weekly meetings with Republican senators and, occasionally, with White House officials. These meetings have been described as casual, however the impeachment has also been discussed to address the strategies before the announcement of the House of Representatives resolution.

Trump said earlier this week that he “will study” the possibility of appearing in the context of the process opened against him in Congress, although he considers it a “witch hunt” without any legal basis.

The process formally started on September 24. In recent days, the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has held a series of public appearances that are called to lay the groundwork for the possible formal opening of a political trial for a possible Trump impeachment. For the process to prosper, a majority of the House of Representatives should vote in favor, although Republicans are a majority in the Senate, where the aforementioned trial would take place.

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