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A dozen Mexicans sue Walmart for lack of security during the El Paso shooting

At least a dozen Mexicans have filed a lawsuit against a supermarket in the Walmart chain in El Paso, Texas, considering that the store, which was shot in August, lacked adequate security, according to the CNN television network .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico has indicated in a statement that the lawsuit, which has been filed before a Texas state court, seeks to hold the retail chain responsible for “not having taken the necessary measures to protect its customers.”

In the attack 22 people died, eight of them from Mexico. According to the author of the massacre, the aim of the shooting was precisely “Mexicans.”

“With this demand they seek to do justice not only for themselves but to guarantee the safety of the population in general,” the Ministry statement said.

“We will never forget this tragic event and send our condolences to all those affected,” the company said in a statement that ensures that “security is among its top priorities.”

After the attack, the Mexican government condemned the tragedy and described the event as an act of terrorism against the Mexicans. “The Government of Mexico will continue to use all its available resources to prevent these incidents from continuing to occur and repair the damage suffered by the victims,” ​​he stressed.

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