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Evo Morales says that if fraud is proven, he will convene the second round of the presidential

LA PAZ.- President Evo Morales said on Saturday that if fraud is shown in the presidential election count last Sunday he would call a second round “the next day”.

Morales has called on the foreign ministers of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and the United States, some of the countries that have defended the possibility of electoral fraud, to conduct an audit of the elections.

“This morning I informed myself that the foreign ministers of Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and the United States doubt the elections. I invite you to come, do an audit, vote by vote, table by table, city hall by mayor, department by department and I will accompany you and if there is fraud, the next day we call the second round, “he said, according to the Bolivian radio station Erbol.

In addition, he stressed that his training, the Movement To Socialism (MAS), have never committed fraud and instead accused the opposition of reporting without presenting evidence, hiring alleged experts.

Morales has referred in particular to the work of a group of systems engineers who have achieved national and international notoriety by showing a thousand irregularities and changing figures in the Supreme Electoral Court during the official recount. For Morales, that report is “lies and lies.”

Morales has made these statements from Chimoré, where he has participated in an event to commemorate the anniversary of the Mobile Rural Patrol Unit (UMOPAR) of the Bolivian Police.

In addition, Morales has warned that the department of Santa Cruz – akin to the opposition – loses 3.5 million dollars per day from the political strike to denounce the alleged electoral fraud. “I want to tell the #SantaCruz groups that they started a political strike, not a claim, that the department lost $ 3.5 MM per day for its actions,” the president said in his Twitter account.

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