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Uruguay begins the fiercest elections of the last 30 years

Uruguay’s polling stations have opened their doors this Sunday to hold their most disputed presidential elections since the culmination of the democratic restoration in 1985, and in which the official candidate, Daniel Martínez, would win this first assault with ease but not enough as if to avoid a second round in which he would rival Luis Lacalle Pou.

Some 2.7 million Uruguayans go to the polls this Sunday for these general elections in which they will vote for the tandem of president and vice president and will renew the 99 seats in the House of Representatives and 30 in the Senate.

Martínez, who competes for the Frente Amplio, will try to get another five years for the leftist coalition, which came to power in 2005 from the hand of Tabaré Vázquez, who was succeeded by José Mujica, who returned the witness in 2015. The latest polls they put him first, with a fork of between 41 and 33 percent of the votes.

It is followed by Lacalle Pou, of the National Party (PN), in the center-right, which would scratch between 27 and 22 percent of the votes, finishing second. Behind are Ernesto Talvi, of the Colorado Party (PC), with between 16 and 10 percent, and General Guido Manini Ríos, of Cabilo Open, with between 12 and 10 percent.

These numbers predict a second round, since none exceeds the minimum threshold of 50 percent of the vote. Thus, Martínez and Lacalle Pou would be measured on November 24 in a ballot where the victory would be for the most voted. Here, the polls predict an electoral turnaround in favor of the opposition candidate.

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