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Ethnic and religious tensions mark the 20th Sunday of clashes in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Police and protesters against the authorities of the territory have staged on Sunday their 20th episode of clashes with the exchange of tear gas and thrown objects in the commercial and tourist center of Tsim Sha Tsui, and in which ethnic and religious tensions They have acquired a prominent look.

This Sunday’s demonstration was convened as a new sign of rejection of the suspended extradition law for detainees in China – in what the opposition considers as a violation of Human Rights, and from which it asks for its complete withdrawal -, but also to support local Muslim communities after, last week the Police used “accidentally”, according to the Government, toxic gases at the entrance of the Kowloon mosque.

Therefore, the protesters added to their shouts against the extradition law several slogans against the use of “chemical weapons” and the already known blue-dyed water cannons, to facilitate the identification of alleged troublemakers.

“The people of Hong Kong, regardless of our religion, have come to say ‘No’ to our totalitarian government,” one of the protesters, identified as ‘Billy’, told the Reuters agency. “I have a little fear, because our police are sometimes uncontrollable and threatens the safety of our people,” he added.

To avoid new tensions, dozens of agents have bet around the mosque and the Chungking Mansions, a social and commercial center for minority ethnic groups.

At the moment there is evidence of one injured and several detainees, whose number is yet to be specified.

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