Three parties proclaim Leonel as their presidential candidate; announces opposition block

The former president Leonel Fernández announced the formation of an opposition front composed of political parties, social and popular forces, to be proclaimed this Saturday presidential candidate by three parties.

The ex-president assured that the opposition coalition will prevent another electoral fraud from being carried out in the country and will stop the usurpation of the power of the current authorities.

He assured that a true democracy is based on respect for the popular will and on allowing equality of all citizens and the economic development of the nation.

He said that disrespect for democracy and institutionalism brings disorder and chaos, as well as backwardness in social conquests.

“Democracy is respecting the people, it is respecting the Force of the People, and what we are seeing is that the Palace group leads us backward with disrespect for the rules of democracy,” he said.

He gave as an example the case of Chile, which has been considered a good democracy and yet suffers massive protests over the inequality prevailing in that country.

“It is not enough to have democracy, but it must respond to the clamor of the people on exclusion and inequality, and must respect the popular will to prevent it from falling into a failed state,” Fernández said.

The leader of #LaFuerzaDelPueblo was proclaimed this Saturday as a presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Institutional Block (BIS), Quisqueyano Social Democratic Party (PQDC) and the National Progressive Force (FNP). Today the Workers Party, the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC) and the National Unity Party (PUN) will do the same.

Both the PQDC, the FNP and BIS will take the former president of the Republic in their polls and approved to join the opposition coalition under the umbrella of #LaFuerzaDelPueblo.

The three organizations said that Fernández is the only political leader capable of bringing the nation to respect for democracy, progress and economic stability.

The decisions were taken at the second PQDC leaders convention, the XVI National Congress of the BIS and the extraordinary general assembly of the FNP.


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