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The House of Representatives approves a bill to ban prospecting against Florida

The House of Representatives of the United States has approved on Wednesday a bill to ban oil exploration off the coast of Florida, a decision that congressmen say will help the tourism industry in the state.

The bill has come forward with 248 votes in favor and 180 against –21 Republicans have joined the 227 Democrats who have supported it. However, the Florida Coast Security Law has run into opposition from four Democrats, 175 Republicans and an independent congressman.

Francis Rooney, a congressman recognized for his clear position in favor of the environment, has been the driver of the measure. “I think it’s a great first step,” Rooney said during an interview with the ‘Miami Herald.’

“We are going to have to work together to convince President Donald Trump that this is so important for Florida that he has to support us,” he said.

The bill is now in the hands of the Senate, where Republican Senator Marco Rubio has supported a similar measure that restricts prospecting by 2027. Rooney has argued that the total ban will help stabilize the tourism and tourism industries. Florida fishing.

“Still we have suffered major economic damage,” said Rooney. “Fishermen, restaurants and hotels have had to quit their jobs. In the tourism industry, perceptions become reality,” he added.

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