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Warren sneaks into the pulse between Biden and Sanders before the first major televised debate

The American senator Elizabeth Warren appears in second position in the intention of voting in the primary of the Democratic Party for the next presidential elections, which puts her in the middle of former Vice President Joe Biden and also Senator Bernie Sanders, dominators of this race in his first and busy phase.

The candidates face this Thursday in a new televised debate, the first one that will take place in a single turn, having classified only ten of the candidates. The tightening of the rules for debates has also allowed us to see who ‘a priori’ has options of obtaining the final victory in the primaries.

A CNN chain survey – prepared from 1,639 interviews – keeps Biden in the lead, although whoever was ‘number two’ of the Barack Obama Administration has gone from 29 to 24 percent in just three weeks and has no The nomination guaranteed.

Sanders, the apparent progressive alternative to moderation represented by the former vice president, has fallen to 17 percent and has been overtaken by Warren, who has a voting intention of 18 percent. Both applicants, however, are within the range of error contemplated for the survey.

Senator Kamala Harris, who came to be in the lead group, has lost her bellows after the momentum gained from her confrontation with Biden in the first debate and is now around 8 percent. It is followed by the mayor of South Bend (Indiana), Pete Buttigieg, who continues to surprise him with 5 percent, the same percentage as former congressman Beto O’Rourke.

At stake is a candidacy that is expected to face the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, who was already imposed against the forecast in 2016 against the favorite theoretician, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Four out of ten Democrats want a candidate with whom they generally agree, but there are more – 55 percent – who advocate prioritizing an applicant with options to defeat Trump. Europa Press

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