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A poll plunges Biden and predicts a triple tie with Warren and Sanders in the Democratic race

The latest survey from the University of Monmouth places the hitherto favorite, Joe Biden, as a third option in the Democratic primary, a race that would now be between Bernie Sanders (20 percent), Elizabeth Warren (20 percent) and Biden himself (19 percent).

The last reference from this same source is a study with the same methodology developed in June, in which Biden was the clear favorite with 32 percent support and far behind were Warren (15 percent) and Sanders (14 percent). hundred). In fourth position and intention to vote unchanged is Kamala Harris (8 percent), followed by Pete Buttigieg and Cory Booker (4 percent in August).

“The main conclusion of this poll is that the Democratic race is now volatile. Liberal voters are beginning to support a candidate with whom they can identify. The moderates, so far unattended, seem to doubt Biden,” explained the Director of the Monmouth University Survey Institute, Patrick Muray.

However, the moderates, instead of tilting towards more centrist but lesser-known options, now “lean more towards more left-wing and better-known candidates.”

Specifically, Democratic voters who identify themselves as moderates or conservatives support Biden by 22 percent, while in June they were almost 40 percent. Instead, Sanders doubles its support in this sector from 10 to 20 percent and Warren rises from 6 to 16 percent.

The study is based on 298 interviews with registered voters who identify themselves as Democratic supporters held between August 16 and 20. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.7 points.

Precisely this Monday, the union Electrical Workers United has announced its support for Sanders during a congress held in Pittsburgh held on Monday.

“Bernie understands that workers need a democratic and independent trade union movement that is not afraid to face absolute control of Business America,” said union president Peter Knowlton after a unanimous vote supporting Sanders in Congress.

In the trade union sphere, Sanders advocates increasing membership and has presented his Democracy in the Workplace plan that aims to promote trade unionism.

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