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Bolsonaro says he will only accept the help of the G7 if Macron withdraws his “insults” against him

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has clarified on Tuesday that he is only willing to accept the help of 20 million dollars agreed by the G7 to help fight fires in the Amazon if his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, withdraws the “insults” that has poured against him.

“In the first place, Mr. Macron has to withdraw the insults he made to me,” said the Brazilian president, according to ‘O Globo’, recalling that he “accused him of being a liar.”

“To talk or accept anything with France, even with the best possible intentions, he will have to withdraw those words,” he told reporters on his way out of the Alvorada Palace. “First withdraw, then offer and I respond,” he summarized.

Bolsonaro thus maintains his particular pulse of the last days with Macron and comes to confirm the advance by the Brazilian press on Tuesday: that his Government would be willing to refuse the help offered by the richest countries in the world.

Last Friday, a source from the Elysium, and not Macron, said France was unwilling to support the agreement reached between the EU and Mercosur “in its current form” after finding that Bolsonaro had lied about its environmental policies.

“Taking into account the attitude of Brazil in recent weeks, the president of the Republic can only confirm that President Bolsonaro lied to him during the G20 summit in Osaka” last June, said the Gala Presidency.

“The decisions and words of Brazil in recent weeks show that President Bolsonaro has decided not to respect his climate commitments or commit to biodiversity,” lamented the Elysium, stressing that “under these conditions, France opposes the agreement with Mercosur in its current form. “

The crossings of words between the two presidents before the fires in the Amazon have reached personal ground, after Bolsonaro made a derogatory comment about Macron’s woman on social networks. The French president asked his counterpart on Monday to be at the “height” of his position.

Bolsonaro referred to this matter on Tuesday. According to the president, he did not disrespect Brigitte Macron, but all he did was respond to a follow-up to him so that he “did not say nonsense” and did not get into the “personal question”.

On Saturday, a follower published a photo montage of Macron and his wife and Bolsonaro and his, much younger than the first, next to the question: “Do you now understand why Macron is after Bolsonaro?” The offensive message would not have transpired had it not been because among his comments – according to ‘O Globo’ – is one of the Brazilian president himself: “Do not humiliate him, man. Kkkkkkk”.

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