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Pierluisi confirms that he will not appear before the commission called by the Senate to evaluate his appointment

The new governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, has confirmed this Sunday that he will not appear on Monday before the commission called by the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, to evaluate his appointment, as reported by several local media

“It is that we will see if there is such a vote, because really I am governor there is no legal basis to carry out a vote,” said Pierluisi after being asked about whether he reaffirmed to withdraw from office if the Senate did not vote for his favor. Last Friday Pierluisi said he would leave Wanda Vázquez in office if he did not get the favor of the Senate.

“It really is a sight for themselves, because, as I have said several times, there is no confirmation from the governor. What would have proceeded was a confirmation from the secretary of state, but that chair in property is no longer occupied,” he added. Pierluisi

He has subsequently issued a statement in which he wanted to make it clear that he has not given “any mischief”. “I want to make it clear that I have not given any insanity to the position I expressed earlier. Today I was consistent in my expressions about the position I occupy,” he said.

“Because I have already sworn to the office of governor, at this moment there is no secretary of the State Department that is subject to the advice and consent of the Senate of Puerto Rico; however, as I said last Friday, this legislative body has all the right to express myself on my business and, as I have expressed, I respect that process, “he added.

Pedro Pierluisi swore Friday as the new governor of Puerto Rico, after the outgoing governor, Ricardo Rosselló, left him in office after his resignation. The inauguration took place hours after the House of Representatives approved the appointment of Pierluisi and without the Senate ruling on it.

Rosselló said in a statement that the oath of office took place after the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico “approved the appointment of Pierluisi as secretary of state” and stressed that this is done “in accordance with the current rule of law.”

In this regard, he argued that the Constitution establishes that “when a vacancy occurs in the office of governor caused by death, resignation, dismissal, total and permanent disability, or for any other absolute failure, said office shall pass to the Secretary of State, who will play for the rest of the term and until a new governor is elected and takes office. “

However, the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, criticized through his account on the social network Facebook that “the recent expressions of the outgoing governor on how to transition after his embarrassing departure are more than eloquent.”

“They reflect his true intentions. He never regretted anything. He did not respect the people’s claim. In fact, he scoffed, using new accomplices,” Rivera Schatz criticized.

Rivera Schatz himself said Thursday that Pierluisi does not have enough support to be confirmed in the position. “Pedro Pierluisi does not have the votes of the majority. He does not have them,” he said, although he called a session on Monday for Pierluisi to defend his appointment before the senators.

Despite this, he said that “the lawyer of who has been the number one enemy of Puerto Rico (in reference to the Board of Fiscal Supervision), cannot be in command of Puerto Rico.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated in recent weeks to demand the resignation of Rosselló and have accused Pierluisi of serving the interests of the said body, and not those of the population.

Rosselló presented his resignation last week after protests over the publication of a series of messages containing comments in which he was asked to persecute opposition politicians and officials.

This waiver will be effective this Friday at 5:00 p.m. (local time). The controversy over who will hold the position has occurred after the island’s secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, Rosselló’s designated successor, resigned from becoming governor.

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