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Audit reveals Municipality Salinas transferred $ 641,338 uncertified

 The Comptroller of Puerto Rico reported Tuesday that an audit revealed that the Municipality of Salinas (south) made 110 credit transfers for $ 641,338 without requiring the finance director to issue the surplus certificates.

In response, the Comptroller of Puerto Rico issued a qualified opinion on the fiscal operations of the Municipality of Salinas.

A qualified opinion is issued when the individual or joint breaches are significant, but not generalized.

The situation, which had already been reflected in Report M-16-13 of 2016, can cause, according to the Comptroller General’s Office, a deficit in the funds and limits the ability to pay to fulfill the commitments for which the credits were separated. the games.

The audit of seven findings also pointed out deficiencies and lack of control with the collections, since the clerk did not have the appointment or the written authorization to exercise said function.

In addition, the auditors of the Comptroller’s Office did not find a receipt book of the collections, reports of daily blocks or copies of the deposits sheets made in July and August of 2015.

The Municipality also did not maintain perpetual inventories of blank checks.

Likewise, from 2016 to 2017, the Municipality did not prepare the Monthly Income and Disbursement Report, and from 2015 to 2017 it only prepared a Monthly Report.

Meanwhile, in June 2017, the Monthly Report reflected 67 special funds with economic resources of 1.4 million dollars that had been inactive for more than a decade.

“Our auditors found that Salinas does not maintain the records of deeds of sale, appraisals, title studies and other documents of 142 real estate properties of the 208 of the Municipality,” the Comptroller General’s Office added.

“These situations prevent maintaining adequate control, encourages the commission of errors and prevents verifying the correctness of expenses,” the agency added.

The Comptroller General also said that, contrary to the applicable law and regulations, the employee who manages public documents in Salinas is not certified or has not taken the training to exercise said functions.

In addition, the file contains documents from the 1990s and the last document provision was made in 2005.

The audit also revealed that the Municipality of Salinas had accumulated deficits in the Operational Fund of 1.7 million dollars for 2015, 3 million for 2016 and 4.3 million for 2017.

Along the same lines, the Monthly Report of 2017 showed that the Municipality incurred overdrafts of $ 1.5 million. (EFEUSA) .-

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