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Thousands of people shout at Trump in London that “it is not welcome”

 London, .- “Donald Trump is not welcome here” (Donald Trump, is not welcome here) is the cry that today launched tens of thousands of people in central London, to issue an unequivocal message of repudiation to the State’s trip President of the United States to the United Kingdom.

There was hardly a pin in the square of Trafalgar, a habitually busy enclave, where today you could hardly walk. Angry citizens armed with posters, masks or wigs reproached the US leader for his “divisive” policies, his “fanaticism” and his “narrowness of vision”.

They did it with more or less measured messages: “We Americans oppose your policies” or “Go home”, along with other less delicate ones, such as “Fuck you, Trump”, “Liar” or “Trump you are a cocoon”.

Flying over the streets of the capital, the usual and irreverent “Baby Trump”, the giant orange balloon that mocks the president, has already made its appearance since 9.00 GMT.

In Trafalgar Square, a massive march through Whitehall, where the government offices are located, started around noon, near the Downing Street -the residence and official office of the Prime Minister, Theresa May- where Trump and the “premier” met. at a work lunch.

There, as planned, the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, addressed the assembled and called on Trump “to reflect on a world that seeks peace and disarmament, that defeats racism and misogyny,” At the same time he recalled that the protest represents “diversity and inclusion”.

Among the protesters, the American Nancy, originally from New Mexico -although she now resides in London-, assured Efe that she refuses to call Trump “president” when arguing that it is “a shame” for the White House and his compatriots: ” Criticize everything that America represents: inclusion, empathy and understanding. “

The British Marcus, from West Dorset, asked the world, wrapped in posters of “Go home” (go home), “to understand how dangerous is a politician like this, narcissistic, arrogant and imbecile.”
Others, like the Canadian Barbara, resident in London, do not understand “how rational people have voted for this man”.

“I lived in the United States during the Bush era and I thought it was impossible for things to get worse, and they have done it!” He emphasized in statements to Efe.

Among the many messages, activists say the Republican politician “is offending Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, the LGBT community, women (…),” said a young Londoner and Muslim, Fariah.

Another Briton, Paul Russell, a middle-aged guy who has come from Essex to protest, sees clearly that Trump “is everything we should fight and a symbol for the extreme right”.

In this marabunta of people, one of the activists that flanked the post installed by the organization “Stand up to racism”, complained to those summoned to throw what looked like a kind of shake against a man dressed in Trump. A way to make that rejection visible.

From there, microphone in hand, that man railed against the US president for “racist, intolerant” and for going “against women, for spreading hate” to conclude that “there is nothing respectable in the president of the United States” and ” nothing justifies this state visit. “

Another point of attraction in Trafalgar was today Trump’s bizarre robot, representing the president sitting in a golden toilet bowl, while tweeting and professing his already classic outbursts to the delight of the onlookers: “Fake News” or “I” ‘m a very stable genious “(I’m a very balanced genius).

The state trip began on Monday and will conclude tomorrow, when a ceremony is scheduled to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the landing and the Battle of Normandy, in Portsmouth (south of England), which will be attended by Trump and Isabel II.

From the beginning, it has been marked by controversy over a corrosive tweet sent by the president against the Labor mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, whom he described as a “complete loser” and whom he accused of having done a “terrible job” as mayor. .

The Metropolitan Police of London has arranged a large security deployment in order to avoid disturbances during the acts attended by the politician. Only today, a spokesman confirmed the presence in the capital of 3,182 troops. (EFE)

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