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Pamela Anderson defends Assange: He is not a criminal, he is a scapegoat

 Washington, February 20 – Actress and political activist Pamela Anderson published a letter on Thursday defending the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, persecuted by the country’s justice, considering him the “scapegoat” to justify the election victory of President Donald Trump.

“So you say that Julian Assange interfered in the US elections? Well, let him tell you the truth,” Anderson began his writing published by the digital newspaper The Daily Beast.

According to the actress, “the entire saga of ‘foreign intervention’ is fundamentally absurd and the general opinion is fundamentally wrong.”

“No one interfered with the right of voters to inform themselves freely, choose their own candidate and make their vote count, neither Julian, nor WikiLeaks, nor the Russians,” he said.

For Anderson, the “only” thing that happened in the 2016 presidential election was that the leak of real information about the behavior and personality of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, “damaged her campaign” and “may have caused her defeat.”
“So what, that’s democracy, stop complaining and grow up!” He demanded.

In addition, in his letter said that those who consider that the report on the Russian plot prepared by special prosecutor Robert Mueller proves the guilt of Assange, have a wrong approach.
“He only says he tried to ‘obscure’ his sources, as any serious journalist would do, and to ‘divulge’ information at times that were beneficial to the Trump campaign,” he reasoned.

Anderson added that the events for which Assange is criticized are part of the normal functioning of a democracy like the United States.

The interpreter pointed out three “basic facts” of the democracies: that leaders are elected by the entire population and not by an elite, that candidates must face negative information during the competitive process and that foreign journalists, even if they do not have the right to vote , they have the right to comment, comment and publish information that is relevant and real.

“So they say Julian is to blame for Hillary’s defeat? Well, then I have news for you: when the truth about Hillary was revealed, most voters did not like what they saw.” Julian revealed the evidence? Of course, that’s what investigative journalists do, “he said.

But Anderson insisted that this should not be a reason for Assange’s judicial persecution, since, he added, “that is what repressive dictators do.”

“It is about accepting responsibility, both for our failures and for our integrity, once we are wise, strong and worthy enough not to shoot the messenger, but to welcome him as our teacher, only then can we govern without being corrupted. for power, in service to our community, “he concluded. (EFEUSA)

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