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Rendón asks to be considered “criminal desacato” for Guatemalan candidate Arzú

 Miami, .- The lawyers of the Venezuelan political strategist Juan José Rendón asked the Miami judge in charge of the civil suit for breach of contract filed against the candidate for the presidency of Guatemala Roberto Arzú that contemplates the “criminal contempt” if he keeps his “disdainful behavior”.

In a “supplement” to a motion filed with the Florida eleventh circuit court, and the one that Efe had access to on Thursday, the plaintiff’s attorneys indicated that Arzú “continues to manifest serious falsehoods” regarding the action and orders of the court, that shows “little respect for the truth” or for justice.

Specifically, the lawyers suggest to judge Barbara Areces in the supplement, admitted to the court last Wednesday, that if Arzú fails to provide a testimony to the court on June 4, he will be subject to “imprisonment for a period of time. fixed”.

“The court must find Arzú in criminal contempt and punish Arzú with imprisonment for a fixed period of time if he continues to be involved in such conduct (disdainful),” reads the court document.
“For example, if you do not attend your deposition on June 4, 2019,” he adds.

Rendón sued Arzú in 2017, then a candidate and today a candidate of the coalition formed by the conservative Partido de Avanzada Nacional (PAN) and PODEMOS, for having unilaterally disengaged from the US-signed contract. with the signature JJ Rendón & Associates Strategic Creativity LCC.

The contract was for Rendón to direct his electoral campaign for the presidential elections that will be held on June 16 in Guatemala.

The court issued a ruling against Arzú at the end of 2018, condemning him to pay more than 5 million dollars to the firm of Rendón.
Arzú, who did not appear at the sentencing hearing, did not use his right to the appeal within the established period, so the sentence is final.

In a motion presented on May 21, Rendón’s lawyers called for “more sanctions” because of Arzú’s attitude to this process.

In that letter, the plaintiffs’ lawyers pointed out that Arzú, not content with “taking lightly” the lawsuit, has publicly said that he has a political motive, and has even hinted at the possibility of “bad practice” and “collusion.” by the magistrate and the court.

In the supplement to that motion, lawyers say that since the end of last month, Arzú has given several interviews to the press in which he “has knowingly falsified” by saying “there is no arrest warrant” against him.

The letter includes some “false or misleading statements” that he has recently made to the press, including that there is no arrest warrant against him because it is a civil lawsuit.
Arzú, son of the deceased former president of Guatemala Álvaro Arzú (1996-2000), did not appear on April 17 in court, as he had been ordered on the 4th of this month, so he is in contempt.

The detention order is exclusively for Florida.
The judge asked the police to arrest the politician if he is in the state of Florida and to present him to the court 24 hours after his arrest. (EFEUSA)

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