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Eight countries and EU will cooperate with the US to review Boeing certification

Experts from eight countries, plus the European Union (EU), will join the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States to review the certification granted to the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, media reported today. Americans

These experts will participate in the team created earlier this month by the FAA and that has the collaboration of the American Space Agency, NASA, to thoroughly review the certification of the automatic control system of such aircraft.

The countries that will take part in this initiative are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The objective is to examine the software of the Boeing 737 MAX, its design and the interaction of the pilots with that system to determine if all the regulations have been applied and to identify possible improvements that may be applied.

It is expected that the team will meet for the first time on April 29 and that their work will continue for ninety days.

The FAA said that after its initial review of the Boeing 737 MAX’s anti-lock system, identified as possible responsible for the two fatal accidents of these aircraft in less than five months, it considers that it is “operationally adequate.”

In a draft distributed by the FAA, the Flight Standardization Board of this agency recommended that pilots of this type of aircraft receive additional computer training to use the MCAS automated flight system.

Meanwhile, more than 300 737 MAX models remain on the ground by order of the US Government.

A month ago the president of the United States, Donald Trump ordered the suspension of all flights of this model after it was determined that the MCAS system incorporated by these aircraft was involved in the accidents of March in Ethiopia and October in Indonesia in which 346 people died in total.

At the moment, Boeing has paralyzed the deliveries of its 737 MAX models and reduced its production, while it is in the process of modifying the automated system to avoid failures such as those in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

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