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They catch in the Little Havana of Miami a three-meter alligator

Florida authorities caught a three-meter-long caiman that roamed Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood in South Florida and even went into the backyard of a home, local media reported on Saturday.

The animal was spotted by a city fire truck Friday night and the uniformed ones thought that it was an unconscious person, said today the spokesman of the dependency, Captain Ignatius Carroll Jr.

When the firemen approached they discovered that in fact it was an alligator of about ten feet (three meters) in length and about 600 pounds (272 kilos) of weight, before which they proceeded to call the local Police and the Commission for the Conservation of Fishing and Wildlife (FWC) to catch the reptile.

While they waited for the arrival of the hunter sent by FWC, the firemen were devoted to keep away the cars and people who were circulating in the area, between avenues 30 and 37 of the northwest of the city, while trying to corral the animal.

According to the Miami Herald newspaper, the alligator reached the entrance of a private home and broke the fence that leads to his backyard, where he finally got into. The firemen warned the residents of the house about the presence of the reptile.

Shortly after, Carroll said, they arrived at the place of the Miami Police along with the crocodile hunter, who managed to control the animal in the middle of the stormy night.

Due to the humidity prevailing in the rain, which made it difficult to control the reptile, and that it was in a residential area, the alligator had to be sacrificed for security reasons, said the spokesman for the firefighters.

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