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Nissan shareholders approve the dismissal of Ghosn as board member

Tokyo, .- The shareholders meeting of Nissan Motor today approved by majority the dismissal of former President Carlos Ghosn as a director of the company, cutting all employment relationship with the businessman who led the conglomerate for two decades.

In addition to the dismissal of Ghosn, he was also approved today as a director of Greg Kelly, a former director close to Ghosn and considered crucial in the commission of the financial irregularities that cost him the position, as well as the inclusion in the board of directors. of the president of Renault, Jean-Dominique Senard.

Nissan dismissed Ghosn as president on November 22, 2018, three days after being arrested in Tokyo for alleged tax fraud, but remained on the board until the decision was ratified on Monday.

The decision was announced by Nissan’s top executive, Hiroto Saikawa, at an extraordinary shareholders meeting in Tokyo that lasted for about three hours and was broadcast live by the automaker on the network.

The appointment was attended by Senard, who thanked “the confidence” placed in him with his new appointment and promised to suggest “constantly the best possible evolution (of Nissan) in the framework of the Alliance (with Renault), which has begun a new was”.

During the meeting, which involved more than twenty shareholders, different issues were addressed: from the financial irregularities of Ghosn itself to the role played by the current members of the board of directors and their future.

In this sense, Saikawa expressed his intention to continue for the moment at the head of the company to “minimize the uncertainty in the company and the effect on the Alliance” of Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Motors, and not raise its way to recover “the stability”.

The executive said the damage caused by Ghosn “is big” and will not be solved overnight, and revealed that Nissan is considering suing the former president for compensation.

When asked if the company intends to pay for Ghosn’s retirement, Saikawa said: “We do not want to pay them, but we have to look at how we can do it judicially.”

Renault decided last week to withdraw Ghosn the bulk of his pension rights after considering that he carried out “contestable practices” at the head of the company, discovered during the internal investigation opened in the wake of the Nipponese investigations. (EFE)

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