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Pelosi awarded for being “the most important woman” of US politics

 Washington, June 5 – The president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, was awarded the “Profile in Courage” Prize that is awarded annually by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, which qualified the Democrat. as “the most important woman in the political history” of the country.

“Under pressure, President Pelosi leads with strength, integrity and grace, using her power to protect our most vulnerable citizens, and she is the most important woman in the history of US policy,” the institution said in a statement. disclosed this Sunday.

The veteran representative for California, 79 years old, was always clear about her vocation for public service, but did not make the leap to national politics until age 47, when the youngest of her five children finished high school.

It was then that she won a seat in the House of Representatives in San Francisco, where she lived with her husband, the investor Paul Pelosi.

Between 2007 and 2011 she held the position of president of the House of Representatives, position to which she returned last January, after eight years of a Republican majority in the assembly.

“During his extraordinary mandate as head of the Lower House, Pelosi has contributed to the approval of historic laws to expand access to health services, has made great contributions to the renewable energy sector, has improved education and reformed the industry financial, “the foundation observed.

In an interview with CBS on Sunday, Pelosi said that receiving this award was “a huge compliment.”
“In any case, it includes many other shoulders to lean on, I have leant on the shoulders of many other women who opened the way for us and now we must do it,” said the Democrat.

Among the list of people who have received this award are names as relevant as those of former US presidents. Barack Obama (2009-2017), George H. W. Bush (1989-1993) and Gerald Ford (1974-1977), or Republican Sen. John McCain, who died in August last year. (EFEUSA)

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