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American Airlines extends flight cancellations of the Boeing 737 until June

 New York, .- The largest American airline, American Airlines, announced on Sunday that it will keep cancellations of flights planned on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at least until June 5, which will affect about 90 trips per day.

In a statement, the company reported that it had decided to extend this measure, which last March had extended until April 24, to give more “more certainty” to its customers and avoid “last minute disorders.”

Meanwhile, he said “continues to wait for information” from the various regulatory authorities and Boeing “to allow the 24 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that American Airlines has in its fleet to re-launch the flight.

American Airlines is the airline that most Boeing 737 MAX operates in the country after Southwest Airlines, which has 34.
The company added that the reservation team will contact the affected customers or the companies through which they made the reservations.

The Boeing 737 MAX remain vetoed from the skies in the United States and in many other countries in response to doubts after two accidents, one in Ethiopia in March and one in Indonesia last October.

Although the causes of the accidents are not yet known, the investigations suggest that they could be due to failures in a software designed to improve safety in the ascent phase of the devices or in the sensors that activate this mechanism.

Boeing already announced that it plans to do a software update to respond to the problems discovered in those investigations, as well as new training for the pilots.
In addition, the airline plans to start by default including a security system that sold as an addition and alerts of possible failures in the mechanism in question.

Last Friday, Boeing announced that it will slow down the production of the 737 MAX model from 52 to 42 a month, to face the pause in deliveries of aircraft and prioritize resources to solve the software problems that their airplanes suffer.

The US government, meanwhile, has ordered an audit of the entire 737 MAX certification process.
The incident in Ethiopia, in which 157 people died, came after another Boeing 737 MAX of the Indonesian company Lion Air crashed in the Java Sea minutes after taking off from Jakarta, with 189 occupants.

The first investigations into the incident in Ethiopia, which occurred on March 10, show that the crew followed all the safety procedures, but could not disable the automated control software that caused the aircraft to descend. (EFEUSA)

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