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They request an investigation in Puerto Rico about the closing of public schools

 San Juan. – The Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) today called for an investigation into the closure of public schools on the island in response to criticism of the management of Julia Keleher at the head of the local Department of Education (DE).

PIP Senator Juan Dalmau announced through a statement the filing of a measure that seeks to reverse the closure of schools, in addition to requesting the investigation to ensure that the process was not carried out purely for economic criteria or the hypothetical intention to profit to officials or those close to the Government.

“There is no better disinfectant than sunlight, and in the dark and gloomy way that guided the determinations for the closure of schools, today I announce the presentation of legislation that would provide an extraordinary opportunity for transparency to arise,” Dalmau said.

He said that he set up a measure to create an independent intersectoral committee, made up of members of the school community and the inclusion of all the sectors that have been affected and the protagonists that participated in the process.

The committee will be charged with evaluating and passing judgment autonomously, without the interference of any government branch and covered by the criteria contained in Law 85, of the entire process of closing schools and the current reality of said schools.

“The important thing is that a balanced evaluation emerges from this effort, with specific criteria and, in addition, the consideration of the terrible academic, social and community effects, particularly in our students, who had and still continue to have these closures,” the spokesperson said. senatorial of the PIP.

The approval of this measure for Juan Dalmau will lead to the creation of a committee whose function is unprecedented in recent history in Puerto Rico.

“What we seek with this legislation is that, in the future, any reform or action that impacts our public education system is a transparent one in which the main north is the guarantee for children of an education of excellence and accessible to the height of this century, “he stressed. (EFEUSA).

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