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Trump closes the Democratic campaign to impeach him

 Washington, DC – President Donald Trump said today that the Democratic opposition is no longer thinking about starting a political trial against him, because the preliminary conclusions of the report on the Russian plot suggest that there was no coordination between Russia and its election campaign in Russia. 2016

“I do not think they are talking about a political trial,” Trump told reporters in the Senate, when asked about those Democrats who still ask to open a process to remove him.

The publication on Sunday of a summary of the report of special prosecutor Robert Mueller has reduced the options for Trump to go through a political trial, according to analysts, because available information points to no evidence of collaboration with Russia and it is not clear whether the President obstructed Justice.

However, at least two Democratic congressmen, Rashida Tlaib and Al Green, assured Monday that they still want to initiate a process to remove the president, and the first one affirmed on Monday to the Politico magazine that he plans to present a resolution on that issue soon.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has already spoken out against the possibility of impeachment before Mueller closes her investigation, and some progressives who had backed that process have now recognized that it is very unlikely.

Trump proclaimed today that Mueller’s report “is great”, despite the fact that he spent almost two years attacking the special prosecutor.
“(The report) could not have been better.” He said: “There was no obstruction, there was no coordination.” It could not have been better, “he said.

The president criticized again those who promoted the investigation more than two years ago, and affirmed that the Democrats “and others created a fraud in our country, with this ridiculous witch hunt in which it was demonstrated, very emphatically, that there was no coordination no obstruction. “

He opined that this campaign against him “reached very high levels” in the Government, and hinted that it could have even implicated the environment of former President Barack Obama (2009-2017), who was in power in 2016, when the FBI began to investigate the alleged Russian interference in that year’s elections.

“I do not want to answer that, but I think you know the answer,” Trump replied when asked about Obama’s environment.
“I think what happened is a shame, I do not think our country should allow this to happen again, ever, it will never happen again, it started at a very low level, but with instructions from above,” he added.

The Democratic opposition has asked the Attorney General, William Barr, to deliver to Congress the full Mueller report before next April 2, and also insist that it be made public in its entirety, so that there are no doubts about the conclusions of the investigation. (EFEUSA)

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