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Siudy Garrido is capable of everything after dancing in Jennifer Lopez contest

 Miami, .- The Venezuelan bailaora and choreographer Siudy Garrido assured Efe that she is able to combine any musical style with a flamenco choreography after her experience in the television contest of Jennifer López’s “World Of Dance” (WOD), which NBC broadcasts nationally.

For the artist based in Miami, the participation in this “world level” program and in which the actress and singer acts as judge and producer is an opportunity to present a “brushstroke” of her work to millions of people and put flamenco next to the “most popular dance styles of the moment”.

On the WOD stage, Garrido is accompanied by six members of her company, Siudy Flamenco Company, based in Miami.

Flamenco of the bailaora was already evaluated by Jennifer Lopez and the other two members of the jury, Derek Hough and Neo, who liked their performance so much that they passed them to a second elimination round.

WOD, she explained, is a “real challenge” because they have to work with music that is not flamenco, which is a “real challenge” as a choreographer, although it has allowed her to learn about how to approach an audience that is not necessarily a follower of this gender.
In their first appearance on the show, on March 10, they had to dance to the song “My Immortal” by the American rock band Evanescence.

In addition, the music that is used is recorded, so that the dynamic between musicians and dancers disappears, which he considered one of the “most fascinating and complex factors of flamenco”.

To all this we must add that the choreographies are little more than a minute in which we must try to impress the jury and “place as many movements as possible”, when the nature of flamenco is “more static”.

While her participation in the contest continues, the bailaora continues with the tour of the show “Flamenco Intimate” and rehearses her version of “Amor Brujo” by the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, who will perform on July 11 at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl. Angels, along with the Philharmonic of that city. (EFEUSA)

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