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Pence will meet Wednesday with Guaidó’s wife in the White House

 Washington, DC – Vice President Mike Pence will meet Wednesday at the White House with Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Venezuelan parliament chief Juan Guaidó, recognized as president in charge of Venezuela by numerous countries.

A White House official informed Efe of the meeting, in which Pence “will reiterate again the unwavering commitment of the United States to the defense of a free Venezuela.”

“The United States stands firm in its support for the sole legitimate president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, and his wife Fabiana, and is committed to taking decisive steps to restore freedom and democracy for the Venezuelan people,” the official said.

Pence met Rosales during his visit to Bogotá on February 25, when he met with Guaidó and participated in a meeting of the Lima Group on the crisis in Venezuela.

“During his visit to Colombia, Vice President Pence also invited President Guaidó and his wife to participate in a meeting with Venezuelan exiles and community leaders to reaffirm their commitment to a free Venezuela,” said the US official.

Rosales was scheduled to visit New York today to participate in a mass with the Venezuelan diaspora, and last weekend was in Lima, where he assured in an interview with Efe that many Venezuelans abroad are preparing the suitcase to return to their country, because “freedom is getting closer and closer”.

When asked about the US measures to pressure Maduro to leave office, Rosales said the opposition feels “fully backed” and believes that the interest of US President Donald Trump in Venezuela is “to defend freedom and democracy”.

On January 23, Guaidó was sworn in as president in charge of the country when he considered that Nicolás Maduro usurped that position, and reaped the recognition of fifty countries, including the United States. (EFEUSA)

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