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Helpline for victims of sexual abuse in New York prisons

 New York, .- Victims of sexual abuse and harassment who are in New York prisons may have access 24 hours a day to counseling and support services through a helpline, which was extended to all 54 correctional facilities in the city. State, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported Tuesday.

New York now has the most comprehensive program of support for victims of sexual abuse in any prison system in the country, according to Cuomo.

He indicated that by dialing 777 they will have help available in English, Spanish and other languages ​​in the 54 institutions of the Department of Correction and Community Supervision.

“Incarcerated individuals who have experienced sexual harassment or assault deserve the same victim support services as any other New Yorker,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“By providing these critical services through state correctional institutions, we can ensure that all incarcerated individuals have access to the counseling they deserve,” he added.

The Law to Eliminate Rape in Prisons requires states to provide certain services for victims of sex crimes who are incarcerated.

The New York prison system is one of seven to offer a helpline and the only one associated with community-based rape and sexual assault crisis programs to ensure they receive the support and services they need to help them recover, according to the statement. .

Calls made to 777 will be directed to a care center where staff will provide counseling and refer you to other help centers, which are part of a network of assistance programs for these cases.

The expansion of the aid line was made as a result of an allocation of federal and state funds. (EFEUSA)

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