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People from Zona and Dangon, with more than 2 million visits for “El liar”

 Miami, .- People from Zona and Silvestre Dangond surpass the 2 million views in the main digital platforms with their new single “El liediroso”, a theme with which they reflect on the excuses in couple relationships and that combines the Latin rhythms of pop and reggaeton with vallenato.

During a promotional tour in Miami, Randy Malcom and Alexander Delgado (Gente de Zona), said in an interview with Efe that they had a lot of fun during the recording of the video clip.
Filming took place in Cuba under the orders of Alejandro Pérez, who also directed the production of “La gozadera”, “Bailando” and “Traidora”.

“The liar” has already recorded more than 2 million views in digital media, some very encouraging data for the Cuban duet, which trusts that the issue “will become a success”.
Among the anecdotes of the shooting, the artists revealed that they had to disguise themselves as women and that they “now” understand “everything they have to go through”.

“We have always felt great respect for women and, this time, we respect them even more for the amount of hours we take to put on makeup,” joked Delgado.

The song with the Colombian Dangond has become a wake-up call to men who deceive women and the “thousands of excuses and lies” that are heard in cases of infidelity.

Malcom confessed that he felt “very identified” with the lyrics of this subject, especially because it reminded him of his “youthful age”.
“I enjoyed myself a lot in my youth, I’m not going to cheat you, I had a great time in Cuba and in many parts of the world and I enjoyed that kind of lies,” he explained, convinced that “women will also feel very identified.”

“They know that the lie is always discovered at the end,” he said.
Almost five years have passed since it went on the market and reached the top of the sales charts “Bailando” (2014), the song that Gente de Zona played with Enrique Iglesias and his compatriot Descemer Bueno.

“I believe that we have been blessed and, therefore, we are always grateful for the opportunity that God gave us to make us popular in the whole world and for the appearance of Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony or Pitbull and who have had the delicacy to record with artists who were not known, “said Delgado.

If they had not left Cuba or achieved international fame, Malcom said, they would have been “equally happy and happy, because that is in the DNA of the Cuban.”
“The Cuban is happy with a can and a stick,” he said.

On the same string, his alignment partner, Delgado, said he also “would have continued to live happily” on the island, although he is grateful for the opportunity they have had to “succeed and achieve a little more than ever” They had dreamed.

Delgado recalled that singers who work within Cuba have often been “vetoed and little stimulated in the music industry” and regretted that “they are a little behind” than the rest.

The Caribbean duo also referred to the movement that several artists, including Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bosé, Maluma and Ricardo Montaner, have promoted to bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

They consider that artists have “a very big responsibility” so that the voice of “millions of Venezuelans” can be heard all over the world.

Conscious of what they “represent” and of the “great identity” they have forged in recent years, both Malcom and Delgado hope to continue working for their great passion: music.

Meanwhile, the duo is already preparing a concert tour that in the coming months will take them to stages in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Alexander Delgado advanced that he is preparing a duet song with his son -who bears his same name-, since “since he was a child he has always pointed out artist’s ways”.

“He is not afraid to appear in public, I think he’s already an artist and whenever he gets on the stage he steals the show,” says the proud father.

“I hope that one day I can dedicate myself to the same profession,” said Delgado.

The winners of a Latin Grammy Award in 2016 for the best tropical fusion album for their first album, “Visualízate”, have not stopped producing music since then.

The collaborations of Gente de Zona with different artists transited from their compatriot Diana Fuentes (“Life changed me”) to the explosion of pop queen Kylie Minogue (“Stop Me From Falling”). (EFEUSA)

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