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South Florida airports impacted by the suspension Boeing MAX 737 flights

Miami, .- Immobilization in the US of the models 737 MAX 8 and 9 of the Boeing company due to the incident in Ethiopia in which 157 people died this Thursday affected the Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale, the two most important in South Florida.

In fact, on Thursday, a total of 28 flights (17 arrivals and 11 departures) of the American Airlines company, the main one in the country, were canceled, said Greg Chin, communications director of the Department of Aviation of Miami-Dade County. .

On Wednesday, American Airlines was forced to cancel 19 takeoffs in the MIA and today the airlines Cayman Airways and GOL had to cancel both an arrival and an exit.

Chin pointed out that Southwest Airlines, another major US airline, does not have flights from the MIA and that United Airlines “is not flying the MAX here now.”

The MIA aviation officer noted that all American Airlines passengers affected by the suspension order were transferred to other flights and alternative transportation and received hotel coupons for the night.

American Airlines had to immobilize 11 737 MAX planes at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday night, and, Chin explained, these devices were allowed to take off today, albeit only with crew on board, to the company’s Tulsa facility. .

The authorities of the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport (FLL), north of Miami, are still assessing the impact of the suspension of flights of the 737 MAX 8 and 9 of Southwest Airlines, which has 34 aircraft of this model in this airport.

For their part, American Airlines and United Airlines have 24 and 14 MAX and United Airlines passenger aircraft, respectively, in the FLL.

The accident in Ethiopia last Sunday was the second in a few months of a 737 MAX, after in October 189 people died in another accident in Indonesia.

The investigations of that event pointed out that among the various factors that caused the fall was an automatic system, called MCAS, which under certain circumstances tilts down the nose of the plane.

Boeing has recorded significant losses on Wall Street in recent sessions. (EFEUSA)

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