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The Tigers of the North honor Vicente Fernández, a “spoiled of God”

 Miami, .- The Tigers of the North return with “A consentido de Dios”, song with which they pay a sincere tribute to the popular Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez, because, as explained in an interview with Efe, the “people must be celebrated in life “

A few months ago, recalls the vocal leader and accordionist Jorge Hernández, a close friend of the band presented this tribute to Vicente Fernández, 79, and immediately decided that this topic should be his new material because the singer of “Volver volver” he “deserves all the honors.”

Hernandez said that his relationship with the singer of Huentitán el Alto has been remote for “many years” and goes beyond the respect and affection of colleagues who have made “a very parallel career” of decades on the same stages.

“We have a great admiration for everything he has done in his life and, above all, love and dedication to his audience,” said Hernandez in a telephone interview, while taking a few days off from his new tour with the one that is breaking new records.

In their concert at the Rodeo in Houston (Texas) this week they surpassed the mark of the New Yorker of Dominican origin Cardi B, bringing together 75,586 people.

As they surpass themselves, the group founded in the city of San José (California) are deepening their responsibility as troubadours of these times.

Their recognized themes and campaigns in defense of immigrants, undocumented and the LGBTI population (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex) are few and now also want to celebrate other important figures after the experience with Fernandez.

“We would like to make subjects of many more characters and tell stories of the most vulnerable, even beyond the borders of Mexico and the United States,” Hernández revealed.
“There are things that happen in the world, in our America, that everyone should know what happens,” he said.

For the artist, it has been this commitment to the public, with its different facets, which has allowed the longevity of the careers of artists such as their group, which began in 1968, and Vicente Fernández, who released his first album a year earlier.

“For example, I am always aware of what people do during our concerts, which songs the young people sing, how they get dressed,” he said. “They look at us and we look at them.”

Then, in the room of his hotel, he writes his observations, which are then distilled together in a series of requests for the collaborators who help them with their music and their outfits, which he described as “tailors”. “Everything is made to measure what we want,” he said.

Although Los Tigres del Norte dream of surprising their audience with the presence of Vicente Fernández in the eventual live premiere of the song, in a possibility that they are consulting with the Mexican music star, they could involve Charro de Huentitlán throughout the process of the song.

The singer of Los Tigres del Norte explained that he welcomed them with enthusiasm and for the filming of the video of “Un consentido de Dios” he opened for the second time this year the doors of his ranch Los Potrillos, in the outskirts of Guadalajara (Mexico), after that he did it for a theme of his grandson Alex Fernandez.

In addition, the Chente, as it is also known, appears in the music video of the song, made in black and white and with majestic shots of the herd of horses that they have in the land and closer intimations of the members of the band and the artist.

“I have been living with him for many years and I feel that he is in a very beautiful moment, he is enjoying how much people love him, how much we love him,” said Hernández.

The video, which was published on YouTube last March 9, has exceeded half a million views, an unusual figure in the Mexican regional genre

“A spoiled God” will be part of the next record of Los Tigres del Norte, which they hope to release in June or July “at the latest,” Hernandez said. (EFEUSA)

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