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Experts warn that caravans are used to exert political influence

Experts denounced in Washington today that the caravans that have recently traveled through Central America to the country are promoted by sectors that take advantage of the need of thousands of immigrants to turn them into an “army of invasion and political influence.”

“Migrants are being used and deceived for political purposes by unscrupulous people who in the end want to use them as an army of invasion and political influence and delegitimization,” warned the Secretary of Strategic Intelligence of Guatemala (SIE), Mario Duarte

The official, who participated in the forum “Central American Caravans Are a Threat to the Security of the US Border?”, Lamented in statements to Efe that migrants are being used “as weapons of political destabilization and delegitimization”, but he clarified that these people are not guilty.

In his opinion, the primary objective of the sectors that take advantage of migrants “is the United States and then the other Latin American countries such as Guatemala.”

Duarte, who recalled that the first convoy of migrants was 14,000 people who moved from Honduras through Guatemala and Mexico to reach the US border, said they have found behind these caravans the participation of different NGOs and of sectors of the Honduran political opposition, led by former President Manuel Zelaya.

“It was impressive how these caravans were organized because they used social networks, they used WhatsApp, they used all kinds of technology to convince people,” he warned.

Guatemala’s intelligence chief complained that NGOs, instead of dissuading migrants, “are helping them to reach their destination faster, which is the border with the United States.”

“They are being deceived by many unscrupulous people who tell them that they are going to let them in the US, that they will give them work, that they will give them asylum and that is the biggest sign that there is indeed an organization the logistics point of view behind all this, “he insisted.

Duarte considered that in order to face this challenge, “countries have to integrate the capabilities of their security agencies, their police agencies, their intelligence agencies, leaving aside all political and to a certain extent diplomatic issues.”

“If we have allies with whom we can work, it can be much easier to deal with all these transnational threats,” he said.

Along the same lines, said the executive director of the conservative think tank Center for a Secure Free Society, Joseph Humire, who considered that behind the caravans there are “several countries” anti-American, but that “they are also undemocratic,” and warned that Its objective is to “destabilize Latin America”.

“The concept of borders is in dispute, a legal dispute but also a political one,” Humire told Efe, who warned that Iran, Russia and China are countries that “have the capacity and intend to destabilize Latin America to delegitimize USA, “although he declined to link them directly with the caravans.

According to the expert, these countries have as “strategic partners” governments such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Suriname and the Caribbean and El Salvador, which he identified as members of the Bolivarian Alliance, and which have seen in the “rhetoric of the wall “I border the opportune moment to delegitimize the United States. before Latin America

“The purpose is to delegitimize President (Donald) Trump in Latin America so that the population thinks that he is an enemy of the Latin American people.” (EFEUSA) .-

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