Trump says not to be “happy” with agreement to avoid closure

Trump says not to be "happy" with agreement to avoid closure US President Donald J. Trump presides over a meeting of his cabinet at the White House in Washington D.C (United States) on Tuesday. EFE

The president, Donald Trump, said today not being “happy” with the agreement reached on Monday by a bipartisan committee of Congress to avoid another closure of the Administration as of February 15.

“If I’m happy, the answer is no, I’m not happy (with the agreement), I’m going to add things,” Trump told reporters at the White House, without giving further details.
Despite expressing dissatisfaction with the agreement, Trump said he does not believe that another administrative partial closure will occur soon.

“I do not think you’re going to see another closure of the government, if you did, it would be the fault of the democrats,” the president warned.

“I am extremely unhappy with what the Democrats have given us,” he added.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress yesterday announced a tentative agreement to avoid this Friday a new partial administrative closure that includes funding for the border wall.

The pact includes about $ 1.375 million to build another 55 miles (about 88.5 kilometers) of border wall with Mexico, according to the Washington Post, far from the $ 5.6 billion that Trump claimed for about 200 miles (about 322 kilometers).

Trump himself did not rule out today declaring a national emergency to reassign military funds or natural disasters towards the construction of the wall.
“I’m considering everything,” he said when asked about that possibility.

The legislators had been negotiating for weeks after the disagreement between the two on border security produced between December and January a 35-day administrative closure, the longest in the history of the country.

The agreement must now have the approval of Trump, who has to ratify if Congress gets to approve it so that it serves to avoid administrative closure when the current funds are exhausted on Friday.

The last partial closure of the Government, which began on December 22, left a quarter of the Administration paralyzed for 35 days after Trump demanded more funds for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico (EFEUSA). –


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