Spanish Sanz and Puerto Rican Nicky Jam launch a single on Thursday

 The Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz announced today the release of a new single with the American reggaeton of Puerto Rican origin and Dominican Nicky Jam.

According to the official accounts of the social networks of the Spanish artist, the same will be called “Back in the city” (“Back to the city” and will be released on 7 February.
In turn, Sanz explained that the time of departure will be at 22.00 local time in Spain (21:00 GMT).

“This is the cover of #BackInTheCity with @nickyjampr Finally, this Thursday at 22:00 (Spanish time) I will share it with you!”, Says Sanz through the aforementioned accounts.

The text, also written in English and Portuguese, is accompanied by the cover of the single in which on a black background with a street, the image of both interpreters appears.

With 25 million copies sold worldwide, 20 Grammys Latinos and 3 Grammys awards, last November Sanz released “I have nothing”, the first advance of what will be his twelfth studio album as Alejandro Sanz, “#ElDisco”, which will see the light “in mid-2019”, according to the artist himself commented to Efe.

This release will be accompanied by a tour of four Spanish stadiums, with all tickets sold out in a “record” time, which will also make him the first Spanish artist to perform at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid on June 15.

Nicky Jam, on the other hand, announced on Tuesday his next US tour, “Intimo Tour 2019”, which will begin in Chicago on April 11 and take him through 13 cities.

According to the company CMN Entertainment announced in a statement, it is expected that the interpreter “surprise all his followers with his extraordinary ‘show’, many surprises and a constant evolution.”

“The concert tour had an excellent campaign of expectation that managed to engage and captivate the attention of all the followers of the artist, who through social networks made themselves felt, expressing many things and today finally managed to know the reason; It’s about the new concert tour of the interpreter of the urban genre, which carries the particular name of ‘Intimo Tour 2019’, “according to a statement.

The tour will continue until May 18 in Miami and tickets will be available from February 1.
The artist will visit Chicago, Boston, Reading, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Orlando and Miami. EFEUSA


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