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The exampgado of Trump paid a computer to rig surveys in his favor

Michael Cohen, the personal exadogado of the president, Donald Trump, paid about 13,000 dollars to a computer in exchange for rigging surveys on the Internet to favor the then candidate, in order to obtain the nomination of the Republican Party for the 2016 elections.

According to the Wall Street Journal revealed today, Cohen gave that amount to the owner of the company RedFinch Solutions, John Gauger, in a bag of the commercial chain Walmart in his office Trump Tower, in addition to giving him a boxing glove that would have belonged to an expert in Brazilian martial arts.

According to the newspaper, Cohen would have contacted Gauger, with whom he had a previous relationship, to design a computer program that would put Trump in first place in various online surveys.
In exchange, Cohen promised a payment of 50,000 dollars, although Gauger only admits having received the cash in the shopping bag.

He also assured him of getting him a job in the Trump campaign and put him in touch with two people in charge of his team, although they did not hire him.

Although Cohen never gave the full figure, the lawyer required Trump to reimburse him $ 50,000, in conjunction with the payments made to porn actress Stormy Daniels for which he was convicted last December, reaching a total of $ 180,000. plus a bonus of $ 60,000 and 180,000 to cover the taxes you would have to pay.

Cohen did not specify what these expenses were for, according to executives of the Trump company cited in the report, although they also did not ask him what those “technological services” were for which he was requesting reimbursement.
“If something was clear, it is that Michael Cohen is not someone to be trusted,” said the current legal representative of Trump, Rudy Giuliani, who accuses Cohen of having robbed the organization.

Cohen commissioned Gauger in January 2014 to help Trump in an online survey of the US network CNBC in which he asked to identify the main business leaders of the country, although the computer did not manage to place him in the top one hundred positions.

In February 2015, when Trump was already making preparations for his presidential campaign, Cohen asked him to do the same for a Drudge Report poll on potential Republican candidates, where the tycoon was fifth, with 24,000 votes and 5% of the total percentage.

In addition, the defendant ordered Gauger to open a Twitter account called “WomenForCohen” (MujeresPorCohen), with the aim of glorifying his personal image and reinforcing the image of the then presidential Trump, giving a loudspeaker to statements about the candidacy. (EFEUSA). –

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