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Pence’s wife gives a class in school that forces gay marriage to be repudiated

The wife of the vice-president, Karen Pence, began Tuesday to give class in a school that forces its employees to sign a declaration in which they repudiate the homosexual relations and define the marriage like the union of a man and a woman, which generated controversy in the country.

Different media revealed today that Immanuel Christian School, where the wife of Vice President Mike Pence has begun to teach art classes, includes a statute of behavior that his employees must commit to follow when submitting their application for work.

“I understand that the term ‘marriage’ has only one meaning: the union of a man and a woman”, details one of the eight articles to which the employees must adhere.

In addition, it includes as misconduct that can give reason to be disqualified as a candidate for sexual relations outside of marriage, as well as homosexual or lesbian activities, polygamy, transgender identity or “any other violation of the unique roles of men or women “, indicated local media.

Kara Brooks, director of communications for the vice president’s wife, explained in an email quoted by The New York Times that Karen Pence has decided to return to the school where she had taught for 12 years.

The spokeswoman criticized that “they are under attack” the decision of the wife of the vice president to teach art and the religious beliefs of the school, and considered the controversy something “absurd”.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the White House confirmed that the vice president’s wife will give art classes twice a week until next May.

“I am excited to return to the classroom and do what I like to do, which is to teach art to elementary students,” said Karen Pence, quoted in the statement.

The White House noted that Karen Pence, who earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in elementary education and is a watercolor artist, served for 25 years as an elementary teacher before becoming Indiana’s first lady in 2013.

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