New York breaks its tourist record with 65.2 million visitors in 2018

The city of New York received in 2018 a total of 65.2 million tourists, a record number, which the Tourism Agency of the city expects to exceed in 2019 with 67 million visitors.

According to the agency, the city, located in the northeastern United States, starts nine consecutive years of tourism growth, a trend that it wants to continue maintaining.

Of the total number of visitors, 51.6 million were American and 13.5 foreigners, who together bought 37.7 million hotel nights in the city, which generated local tax revenues estimated at 623 million dollars, according to with a statement.

After the Americans, the British, with 1.2 million tourists, were the most visited New York, ahead of Chinese travelers (1,100,000), Canadians (1,000,000), Brazilians (920,000) and French (807,000).
“This year’s tourism record demonstrates what every New Yorker knows: this is the best city in the world to live and visit in. New York City embodies the true American values,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio , cited in the note.

The statement points out that the travel and tourism sector in New York absorbs 9 percent of employment in the city with 391,000 employees and “generates approximately 66,000 million in annual economic impact, according to 2017 data.” (EFEUSA) .-


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