The migration drama stars in a Spike Lee video for The Killers

The migration drama stars in a Spike Lee video for The Killers Stock photo of American filmmaker Spike Lee. EFE / Archive

 The drama of the migration to the United States, represented through the already famous caravans of Hondurans, star in the videoclip directed by Spike Lee for the song “Land of the free” that The Killers launched today as a criticism of the government of Donald Trump. .

“There next to the border / they will build a wall / cement and steel bars / high enough to keep their dirty hands out of our hopes and dreams / of people who want precisely the same thing we want / in the country of the free ones, “the American band sings in the final part of the song.

Recorded at their studios Battle Born in Las Vegas, under the production of Jacknife Lee, the song features gospel voices as a chorus to increase its “lamenting nature, inspired by current events and tragedies” nature in the country, according to a statement from Universal Music.

The Killers gave Spike Lee “full creative control” over the video clip, which was filmed for a couple of weeks at the end of 2018, moving to the Mexican border to capture scenes of migrant families trying to reach the supposed “land of freedom”. “, as the title of the song says.

“Land of the free” is the first unpublished song by The Killers since the launch in 2017 of “Wonderful wonderful”, their fifth studio album. (EFEUSA) .-

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