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Hispanic congressmen beat record and prioritize immigrant rights

Protecting the rights of migrants will be one of the priorities of Hispanic lawmakers in the new legislative period has just begun, as they advanced its members at the opening of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

With a record number of members, 39 congressmen, the Hispanic Caucus started its new phase, in which the member of the Texas House of Representatives Joaquín Castro took office as the new president of the group that brings together Democratic congressmen of Hispanic descent.

Castro recalled his family’s efforts to provide an education for him and his brother, Julian Castro, as an example to illustrate the construction of the United States as a country of immigrants.

“The capitol reflects the real face of the United States better,” said Castro, who said that the next elections are expected to beat the record again.

Not only the Hispanic Caucus achieved the largest number of members in history, also the new Congress formed after the legislative elections on November 6 has a record of Latino congressmen to add a total of 43 representatives.

During the gala, the new leader of the majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said that protecting the rights of immigrants will be a “priority” for the group of Democratic representatives.

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