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Cubans launch campaign for 60 years of “dictatorship” to say “Not one more”

A campaign called Ni1 + was launched today by YouTube and social networks with the message of “not allowing one more year of dictatorship on the island of Cuba,” coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the revolution.

“We launched today a challenge in social networks inviting everyone in and out of the island to publish a video telling their reasons for not wanting ‘Not one more year’ of dictatorship, using the # # Ni1Más label,” say the organizers of the campaign , who identify themselves as “Cubans from all over the world, members of civil society, artists and intellectuals”.

The sponsors of Ni1 + also invite to wear black on January 1 and 2 “in protest of the anniversary of the regime” that began on the first day of the year 1959.
The initial video of the campaign shows Cubans of different generations inside the island talking about the anniversary of what one of them defines as “60 years of misery and abuse”.

The four protagonists of the video, of which the oldest says to have been with the revolution in its beginnings and explains why he became disillusioned, they proclaim before the camera that they are not going to “ask permission” for the change, because it is “in hands” of the Cubans.

According to a statement from Ni1 +, this campaign “seeks to add and sensitize all the international community, Cubans inside and outside the island and all people, of good will about the drama of the 60 years of the Castro regime.”

“It is a call to unity, to generate a force of change and hope, that does not allow another year of tyranny, for the good of Cuba and our hemisphere,” they say.

The message of Ni1 + “is not partisan or political but a citizen, it is an invitation to unite and take action so that no regime is ever more above the freedom and happiness of human beings and especially of the Cuban people.” (EFEUSA) .-

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