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Wall Street opens with gains and the Dow Jones rises by 0.64%

Wall Street opened today with gains and the Dow Jones Industrial, its main reference, amounted to 0.64% at the beginning of a session in which investors are pending a deal with China in the commercial field and orientation in the type policy of the Federal Reserve.

Half an hour after the opening of the trading day in New York, the main indicator added 159.17 points to 24,907.90 integers, and the selective S & P 500 rose 0.40% or 10.60 units, to 2,692, 77 whole.
On the other hand, the composite index of the Nasdaq market, where the main technological groups are trading, progressed by 0.61% or 43.43 points, to 7,126.13 points.

Between the corporate sectors that dawned today in green in the opening of Wall Street, stood out the profits of the companies of technology (1.05%), of health (0.79%), of non-essential goods (0.76%) and the industrial ones (0.20%).
Among the sectors with losses at first hour stood out the one of public services (-0.40%), the one of basic materials (-0.36%), the one of essential goods (-0.03%) and the one of energy (- 0.06%).

Wall Street analysts are waiting for guidance in the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies, as well as if an eventual commercial truce between the United States and China is confirmed.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks today at the Economic Club of New York about financial stability. Investors are waiting for his speech, as shares have fallen in recent weeks partly because of fears that the central bank is adjusting monetary policy too quickly, although everything indicates that rates will rise again in December.

In any case, the US economy It maintained its annual growth rate at a solid 3.5% in the third quarter of the year, according to the second provisional estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) in that period, announced today by the Department of Commerce.

The data of the economic evolution between July and September nonetheless represents a slight deceleration of the US economy. compared to the previous quarter, which closed with a growth of 4.2%, the largest quarterly increase in GDP since 2014.

In this context, in the group of 30 titles traded on the Dow Jones, among those that opened with earnings were Boeing (1.84%), Visa (1.78%), Microsoft (1.26%), Apple ( 1.04%) and American Express (0.09%).
Between the companies that started the morning in red stood out Verizon (-1,10%), United Technologies (-0,85%), Home Depot (-0,20%), Walgreens Boots (-0,03%) and Coca -Cola (-1.34%)

In other markets, Texas oil fell to $ 51.37 a barrel, gold fell to $ 1,212.20 an ounce, the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond fell to 3.072% and the dollar gained ground against the dollar. euro, which was changed to 1,1273.

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