They repatriated 74 Dominicans who tried to enter Puerto Rico illegally

The US Coast Guard announced today that it repatriated 74 Dominicans who were arrested during four interventions from last Sunday until Monday, when they tried to enter Puerto Rico illegally.

Maritime interdictions were achieved through ongoing efforts in support of Operation Unified Resolution, Operation Caribbean Guard and the Inter-Agency Caribbean Border Group (CBIG).

They were agents of the Ramey Sector of the US Border Patrol. UU who detected the first ship with 9 undocumented persons on Sunday morning, approximately eight nautical miles west of Punta Borinquen in Aguadilla, a municipality in western Puerto Rico.

The “Resolute” trap guard of the Coast Guard and a maritime unit of the United Rapid Action Forces (FURA) of the Puerto Rico Police responded to the alert and intercepted the vessel.
The unit of FURA was the one that intercepted the ship that carried the 9 Dominicans, seven men and two women.

The second intervention occurred on Sunday night, when the ship Donald Horsley stopped a second ship with undocumented persons, after the crew of a maritime surveillance plane of the Coast Guard spotted the boat at 12 nautical miles from Mona Island, islet to the west of Puerto Rico.
There, they arrested 16 Dominicans.

The third interception was detected on Monday afternoon by the crew of a Coast Guard helicopter, three nautical miles from Camuy, a municipality on the north coast of Puerto Rico.

There, FURA maritime units intercepted a ship carrying 18 Dominican men on board.

Finally, a crew of an aircraft of the US Customs and Border Protection Service. (CBP, in English) spotted a fourth vessel on Monday night during a surveillance at Paseo de la Mona, 35 nautical miles northwest of Aguadilla.

The ship Donald Horsley and a maritime unit of the CBP arrived at the place and intercepted the boat that had on board 31 Dominicans, 27 men and four women. (EFEUSA) .-


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