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The Giants no longer have Bumgarner as “untouchable” and can pass it on

The president of operations of the San Francisco Giants, Farhan Zaidi, has not yet officially communicated the future plans of the team, but it has transcended that within the workforce there is no one untouchable.

In the new philosophy that Zaidi seeks to implement, left-handed and star pitcher Madison Bumgarner would not be untransferable.

According to several sources, the Giants are willing to talk with other teams about their mound ace and three-time World Series champion.
The Milwaukee Brewers and the Philadelphia Phillies are some of those who have had preliminary conversations about Bumgarner.

The Atlanta Braves also contacted the Giants about Bumgarner early in the offseason, according to the same newspaper sources, but without having an answer that generated any optimism.
But now, in general terms, the circumstances are favorable for Bumgarner to be included in a transfer that benefits both parties.

Zaidi has received full power to change the face of the organization, and a deal for Bumgarner would begin to improve a minor league system that is not among the best in baseball.

Bumgarner is under contract for one more campaign and 12 million dollars, which means that free agency would arrive before a reconstruction is completed, however fast it may be.

The above means that if Zaidi does not find a transfer that is to his liking in the coming weeks, he can wait and put Bumgarner on the market again in the middle of next season, when the experience of the veteran in the playoffs could turn him into a of the most desirable pieces among the candidates to fight for the title of the World Series.

Some sources said that Zaidi will surely ask for a good pitching prospect in any transaction that includes Bumgarner.

According to MLB Pipeline, one of the five best promises in San Francisco is pitcher: right-hander Shaun Anderson, a 24-year-old who is seen as a candidate for third or fourth starter in the majors.

Zaidi is aware of that reality and also that he has a great pitcher, who last season could not perform to the maximum due to the injuries he suffered, but that once recovered keeps all the potential of star starter in the major leagues.

The new president of operations of the Giants has not wanted to comment on the rumors arising around the future of Bumgarner, but has acknowledged that all his team will work to make a major renewal within the organization. (EFE) .-

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