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94% of Americans waste 250 pounds of food a year

94% of Americans throw 250 pounds of food into the trash on average per person each year, according to a report released today by the Midwest American Dairy Association.

The analysis reports that, on average, each family wastes almost a “third of the food they buy” and suggests some recommendations to avoid this serious waste and save close to 2,000 dollars a year.

“Imagine coming home with four bags full of groceries and throwing one directly in the trash, that’s what is really happening in many homes,” said dietitian Karen Bakies, vice president of Nutrition Affairs of the dairy farmers’ association. .

According to Bakies, whether people are buying too much or getting tired of eating the excess food, “too much food is being wasted in the United States.”

According to the study, 60% of people throw away food because the expiration date has passed and they “believe that it is not safe to consume them”.

Therefore, the expert recommends some resources to avoid waste.

Thus, it suggests organizing the refrigerator in such a way that the newly acquired products are placed on the back and those that have more time to refrigerate are consumed first.

Perishable products such as cheese and yogurt should be kept “strictly sealed” and the milk, instead of being placed on the door where it is heated every time the refrigerator is opened, “can go on a shelf at the bottom where it stays cooler” .

“Being creative” is another recommendation of the expert so that the leftovers of products that have been used partially can be used in other recipes or different preparations, instead of being wasted.

Another important resource is to freeze perishable foods and other leftovers, so that they can be consumed later without risk to health.

They also recommend donating food that will not be consumed before it expires to local food stores, instead of throwing it away.

The analysis ensures that with $ 1,000, half of the annual food waste per family, 8,000 meals can be provided for people in need. efeusa

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