Seven new restaurants enter list of the 50 Best of Latin America

Pressing, counts the download Bogotá, Oct 30 (EFE) .- Seven new restaurants entered the list of the 50 Best of Latin America announced tonight at a gala in Bogotá and for the second year in a row led by the Peruvian Maido.

The novelties in the ranking are El Chato (Bogotá), Oteque y Oro (Rio de Janeiro), Le Chique (Cancun, Mexico), Gran Dabbang and Narda Comedor, both from Buenos Aires, and Osaka (Santiago de Chile).

The following are the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America:
. 1. Maido, Lima (Peru)
. 2. Central, Lima (Peru)
. 3. Pujol, Mexico City (Mexico)
. 4. Boragó, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
. 5. D.O.M., Sao Paulo (Brazil)
. 6. Don Julio, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
. 7. A Casa do Porco, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
. 8. Astrid and Gastón, Lima (Peru)
. 9. Quintonil, Mexico City (Mexico)
.10. Leo, Bogotá (Colombia)
.eleven. Tegui, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.12. Mani, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
.13. Isolina, Lima (Peru)
.14. Sud 777, Mexico City (Mexico)
.fifteen. Villains in Bermuda, Bogotá (Colombia)
.16. Rafael, Lima (Peru)
.17. La Mar, Lima (Peru)
.18. Mishiguene, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.19. Chila, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.twenty. Máximo Bistrot, Mexico City (Mexico)
.twenty-one. El Chato, Bogotá (Colombia)
.22. Parador La Huella, José Ignacio (Uruguay)
.2. 3. Harry Sasson, Bogotá (Colombia)
.24. Ambrosía, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
.25. Osso, Lima (Peru)
.26. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
.27. Olympe, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
.28. 99, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
.29. Maito, Panama City (Panama)
.30. Pangea, Monterrey (Mexico)
.31. Mayor, Guadalajara (Mexico)
.32. Elena, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.33. Oteque, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
.3. 4. Le Chique, Cancun (Mexico)
.35. Heart of Earth, Valley of Guadalupe (Mexico)
.36. The Baqueano, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.37. Nicos, Mexico City (Mexico)
.38. Gran Dabbang, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.39. Malabar, Lima (Peru)
.40. The Dozen, Guadalajara (Mexico)
.41. Rosetta, Mexico City (Mexico)
.42. Aramburu, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.43. Restaurant 040, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
.44. Proper, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.Four. Five. Mocotó, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
.46. Narda Comedor, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
.47. Osaka, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
.48. Amaz, Lima (Peru)
.49. Oro, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
.fifty. Tuju, Sao Paulo (Brazil).


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