Mexico rejects the indictment of Venezuela that links it to the attack on Maduro


The Government of Mexico today rejected the “unfounded” accusations by Venezuela of a supposed participation of its diplomatic personnel in the attack on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on August 4.

Mexico rejects “categorically” the “unfounded” accusations about the supposed participation of its diplomatic staff in Caracas “in the alleged attack against President Nicolás Maduro,” said the Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE).

The Mexican government referred to the statement of the Minister of Communication and Information of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, who said that one of the detainees would be taken in a vehicle to the Mexican embassy in Caracas.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry assured that the Mexican government and its diplomatic staff “always act with full respect for international law and in accordance with the principles of foreign policy” set forth in the Constitution.

“Mexico will continue to make diplomatic efforts to contribute to a peaceful solution, defined by the Venezuelans themselves, to the serious crisis facing that country,” the Foreign Ministry added.


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