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Cuomo slows the rise of the Democratic left and defeats actress Cynthia Nixon

The veteran governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, will return to be the candidate for the Democratic Party in November after clearly winning the actress and activist Cynthia Nixon, which has managed to stop the rise of the left of the party and opt for a third mandate.

In the primaries of the Democratic Party in the State of New York and with 77% scrutinized, Andrew Cuomo achieved 65.7% of the votes against a Cynthia Nixon, known for her role in the series “Sex and the City”, who received only 34.3%.

Cuomo will thus opt for a third term as governor of the state of New York in the legislative elections in November against the Republican Marc Molinaro, who won the nomination of his party by not attending any opponent to the primaries.

The continuity of Cuomo is given almost for sure since this state is a traditional democratic bastion. In addition, to curb Nixon’s activism, Cuomo has taken up a large part of the most progressive discourse on matters such as immigration.

On the other hand, the African-American lawyer and activist Letitia James won the Democratic primary for public prosecutor after obtaining 41.5% of the votes.

James surpassed lawyer and professor Zephyr Teachout (30.8%), federal congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (24.4%) and lawyer Leecia Eve (3.4%).

James will face New York lawyer Keith Wofford in the November election, who, like Molinaro, won the Republican nomination as the only candidate.

The two will dispute the position that occupied until recently Eric Schneiderman, who was one of the standard-bearers of the movement? MeToo and resigned in May after the allegations of alleged physical aggressions of several women.

The primary elections in New York, the last in the United States before the legislative elections in November, have served the “establishment” of the Democratic Party to stop the rise of its most left wing, which in recent months has been ahead of political veterans. with pedigree of the game.

The most notorious case occurred in New York, where the young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprised the veteran Joseph Crowley in June and took the candidacy for the House of Representatives in his district.

The triumphs of other progressives like Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts or Andrew Gillum in Florida have demonstrated the discontent among the democratic bases with the traditional elite of the party.

And few represent that “establishment” like Cuomo: son of a governor of New York, married for years with a Kennedy, backed by the Clintons, comfortable with the big donors and with a long political career.

Attorney general of the state between 2007 and 2010, the governor arrived at his current position in 2011 after sweeping the elections to his Republican rival and was reelected without problems in 2014.

Although he has been involved in several controversies and has a tense relationship with the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, Cuomo has remained a moderately popular leader and, according to many, with presidential aspirations.

In addition, Cuomo received the support of major media outlets during the campaign, such as The New York Times, and a lot of money was spent on television commercials to stop any possible breach with the activist Nixon, who focused her campaign on social networks and only He had a face to face with Cuomo on television.

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