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Serena sought glory and gave the most pitiful image of her career

The former number one in the world and considered by many as the best tennis player of all time, Serena Williams, today sought to make history in the final of the US Open. in front of the Japanese Naomi Osaka and, nevertheless, it gave the most lamentable image of its race when losing the control.

Loss of control that cost him the game against the young Japanese woman of 20 years, who has Williams as his “idol” since he started playing tennis and which he defeated 6-2 and 6-4, in one hour and 19 minutes

The sanction of a point that was punished Williams in the final stretch of the second set was the trigger of a completely unsportsmanlike reaction of the former number one to the chairman Carlos Ramos, turned into a villain and scapegoat for the poor level of play that offered the six-time US Open champion against an opponent who was always superior.

Williams did not have any kind of respect for the authority of Ramos, who acted with complete adherence to the regulations.

In addition, the public, totally delivered to Williams, did not respect the new champion, who with tears in their eyes while booing apologized because the game had ended that way.

“I know everyone was cheering her in. I’m sorry I had to end like this,” said a tearful Osaka, who almost dropped her trophy, the first one she got from Grand Slam in her career and with which she made history in Japanese women’s tennis. .
It had to be Williams herself who realized that the image the audience was giving was not better than the one she had previously starred with Ramos.

“I do not want to be rude, I do not want to interrupt her celebration, she (Osaka) played well, this is her first Grand Slam,” said Williams, who tried to calm down the audience that was as out of control as she was.

“I know you were here to support me and I felt it, but let’s give all the credit to whoever deserves it, no more booing … Congratulations, Naomi, no more boos.”

Among the public, stars like Lindsey Vonn, Alicia Keys, Pierce Brosnan and Vanessa Williams had come to see Williams achieve what would have been his seventh US Open. and twenty-fourth Grand Slam, to tie with the legendary Australian Margaret Court in the history of women’s tennis.

However, what they witnessed were the bad manners of Williams and his fight with Ramos, which did not influence the final result because, as the match statistics showed, Naomi, who had already defeated her in the first round of the Masters 1000 of Miami, was very superior in almost all facets of the game.

Osaka placed 14 winning shots for 14 unforced errors, 21 and 21 Williams, who did not make his best serve to commit six double faults and achieve just three direct, when in the previous six games he had 64, the best record of the tournament .

For its part, Osaka added six aces for a double fault, and 72 per cent of points won with his first service for the 62 of Williams, which only exceeded the new champion with six points in eight increases to the network, by 0 of one of his rival.

That dominance of Osaka was, in addition, previous to that Ramos admonished to Williams when understanding that it received aid in the first set of its trainer, Patrick Mouratoglou, with movements of the hand, as it was in repetitions of television.

The protests of Williams saying to Ramos: “I do not cheat to win, I prefer to lose”, did not change the chairman’s opinion.

In contrast, Osaka, who recalled that five years went to the Ashe Stadium to see Williams, proved to be the best, remained calm and distant and without participating in the lack of control that Williams suffered on the court, with racket break included .

The American tennis player asked Ramos a public apology, and even threatened that “never again” will allow him to arbitrate a party of his.

“Never, you will never be in another party of mine while you live,” Williams threatened. “You’re the liar, when will you offer me an apology?” Say it, say you’re sorry, then do not talk to me, how dare you imply that I was cheating? … You’re a thief, too. “

Ramos, again with a completely professional approach and adherence to the regulation, he admonished him for the third time, in this case verbal abuse, which cost Williams a game for 5-3 of the second set.

Williams replied with a “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding?”
At the end of the game, Williams’ coach, Mouratoglou, admitted to ESPN television that he gave him instructions.

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