Trump says that Kim has committed to denuclearize North Korea

US President Donald Trump said today that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has told his government that he wants to denuclearize North Korea while he is in the White House.

Trump made the remarks while giving a rally in the town of Billings, in the state of Montana.

“Just a few moments ago, I was told that he (Kim) has stated, very strongly, that he wants to denuclearize North Korea during Trump’s term,” the president said.

Trump said that, just before taking the stage, his team told him that Kim had said “fantastic” things about him.

“I respect him, he respects me, and I think something is going to happen,” added the president, who boasted of the release in May of three Americans imprisoned in North Korea.

This morning, Trump posted a message on Twitter about the supposed praise of the North Korean leader.

“Kim Jong-un of North Korea has proclaimed ‘an unwavering faith in President Trump.’ Thank you leader Kim, we will do it together!” He stressed.

Kim and Trump agreed at their historic summit in June in Singapore that they would work to denuclearize the peninsula, but in recent weeks, bilateral dialogue has been entrenched due to differences between the two countries on how to carry out this process.

North Korea has demanded progress in signing a peace treaty with the South to end the state of war that is technically still in the peninsula, in exchange for concrete steps to dismantle its arsenal that the White House demands .


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